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07.26.14 - as posted on Yelp

We have been here for four lessons now and it is a great place. The first time we came to check it out the owner let us in and showed us around even though they weren't technically open, which was great! My 6 year old is fearful of the water and the teachers are wonderful with him. Lessons are available during the weekend and easy to schedule. My son has made more progress here than in two years of trying the county rec center classes. The people here really care about the kids and their progress and the service definitely makes a difference. The small lap pools are also perfect for little ones and less intimidating for them than the big, noisy county rec centers. Love it here!!

02.19.14- as posted on YELP

As a former competitive swimmer, I have always hoped that my kids would grow up to love the sport. However, I was nervous signing my three-year-old daughter up for Machine Aquatics Swim School because I feared I may be pushing her into structured lessons too early. Fortunately, the Swim School has been better than my highest expectations. It has been the perfect introduction to swimming for my daughter. And more importantly, she loves going (which is pretty incredible if you knew her personality).


My daughter goes to the Swim School once a week for 30 minutes. When I signed her up, I expected her to do it for about a month or two before she got tired of going. She has now been going for about six months and still enjoys it every time. This is likely due to the great staff at the Swim School. My daughter has worked with two instructors (Sandy and Nancy), both of whom provide a great mix of structured lessons with fun activities.


I expected the Swim School to be a place where my daughter could safely have fun playing around in the water, and then that would hopefully lead her to like the water enough to learn the fundamentals as she got older. My daughter does enjoy herself, but to my amazement, she is also really learning how to swim. Just this week, she swam freestyle across the entire small pool. And then Nancy was thoughtful enough to show my daughter what she had just done on the tape-delayed video monitor just above the pool. There is no amount of money I wouldn't spend for another experience like that.


The great staff extends outside the pool also. Every week, my daughter is greeted enthusiastically by Brett. It would be easy for him to just sit behind the desk and have mundane administrative interactions with the parents. But instead, he goes out of his way to interact with my daughter and make the experience fun from the moment she walks in the door.


The great service at the Swim School is complemented by the nice facilities. The changing rooms are spacious and clean. There are toys for the kids to play with while they wait. And the best part is the remote video monitors in the lobby. I can watch my daughter like any proud father would want to without distracting her or interfering with her lessons.


The setup of the Swim School is entirely knew to me. I am used to musty smelling rec centers overrun with kids and instructors. Machine Aquatics Swim School is really a revolutionary idea that makes swim lessons so much better for parents and kids. As is likely abundant clear, I will be signing my one-year-old son up for Swim School as soon as he is old enough. I hope he likes the place as much as my daughter and I do.



01.21.14- as posted on YELP

The Machine Aquatics Swim School offers the best swimming program in the area.  My two children started at the swim school when it opened in November of 2012.  Both of my children have loved the experience, and always look forward to going to lessons.  The instructors are knowledgeable, kind, and fun.  My son was four when he started.  Within six months, he was able to swim a legal freestyle and backstroke.  At five, his skills had advanced to a level that he was able to (and thrilled to) join the competitive team.  My daughter started lessons when she was almost two. Her skills and water safety have improved dramatically, and her love of the sport is inspiring.  She tells me often that she just can't wait to race like her brother. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Dan, Paris, and Nancy, the people managing the school, are amazing.  They have taken a genuine interest in my children and their development.  When they go to the swim school, they feel important and special.  When they swim well, they don't want to share their accomplishments with me; they want to tell Dan, Paris, and Nancy.  In a nutshell, if your children want to learn to swim, take them here.  It will prove be one of the best decisions you have made.  It has definitely proven to be the case for me.