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SwimLabs Video Analysis

Individual Analysis for Competitive Swimmers


The SwimLabs Video Analysis, or Competitive Private Lesson, is a 30 minute lesson for advanced and competitive swimmers. Using our state of the art video capture system, Machine Swim School’s experienced coaches will watch and record a 360 degree view of the swimmer’s stroke. With that video, the instructors will prepare a movement analysis of the individual’s swimming technique. Every analysis will also include video from the SwimLabs library, filled with some of the best athletes in the world of swimming today. Our experienced instructors will use this video to show exactly what these athletes do that make them so effective. At the end of the session, the instructor will burn a disc of the multimedia presentation that will highlight all of the analysis done during the session.



A Video Analysis is strictly a 1:1 lesson.  



Competitive Private Lessons cover whatever specific skills the swimmer needs to accomplish.  Generally, the swimmer will decide beforehand which stroke he or she wants analyzed.  For best results, Machine Swim School highly recommends working on only one stroke per visit.