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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I sign up for Group Lessons?

A. To register for Group Lessons, please call us at 703-281-2104.  We would like to talk to you personally to ensure your swimmer is placed in the correct level based on their age and ability.

Q. How do I sign up for Learn to Swim or Competitive Private Lessons?

A. To register for Learn to Swim or Competitive Private Lessons, please call us at 703-281-2104 or put in a request online.  Please note that an online request does not guarantee a timeslot until it is confirmed.  For Learn to Swim Private Lessons, we would ideally like to have you at the same time each week.  For Competitive Private Lessons, we ask that you schedule no more than one every two weeks.

Q. What do I need to bring to my lesson?

A: Please bring a towel, goggles, cap or hair tie (for swimmers with long hair), and a swimsuit.  All of these items are available to purchase at Machine Swim School. Mini Gizmo swimmers and swimmers who are not potty-trained, are required to wear an approved waterproof diaper.

Q. Do you offer make-ups for missed classes?

A. Machine Swim School does not offer make-up classes for missed group lessons. In order to maintain high standards for our weekly classes and our obligation to retain the integrity of the structure in which we teach, we are not able to offer make-up classes for missed lessons.

Q. Do I have to start at the beginning of the month (when is the next session)?

A. At Machine Swim School we have a rolling start date so you can start lessons at any point during the month/year.

Q. Does Machine Swim School provide lessons for adults?

A. Yes!  We provide lessons for swimmers of all ages and ability levels.  Swimmers over 12 years old would need to be in a Private or Semi-Private setting.  

Q. Do I get a discount for multiple children?

A. We do not offer a discount for multiple children but we do offer a referral discount when someone mentions your name upon registration.

Q. What is the 100 Stroke Club?
A. The 100 Stroke Club is a fun and effective way to increase the amount of consecutive strokes a swimmer takes.  Under the coach's supervision, swimmers will periodically attempt to swim as many strokes as they can without stopping in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.  Every 25 strokes a student completes earns them a star on our wall, and 100 strokes earns a wristband.  

Q. Are these the only pools you have?

A. Yes, we teach in the SwimLabs Pools because they are warm-water pools built with benches that go all around the perimeter and have a maximum depth of 3 ½ feet. This means that all of our lessons, whether private or group, take place in a small space with no more than four participants in the pool. Another important feature of our pools is the bar mounted at the front of each pool, directly in the path of the current. The bar creates a stationary position in the pool that we use at every level of our lessons, from beginning students with fears of the water, to our competitive stroke analysis sessions. Like our other technique-building tools, the bar allows us to isolate different swimming techniques in a controlled environment. We have created the 100 Stroke Club that we use to benchmark measurement for swimming in a standard 25 yard pool.

Q. How do I stop or suspend my Auto Pay?

A. Written notice of withdrawal from group lessons is required by the 15th of the month to stop payment for the following month. Automatic payment withdrawal will only be stopped when the withdrawal form is completed and returned to the front desk by the 15th. Clients turning in withdrawal forms after the 15th will be responsible for the next month’s payment. Machine Swim School does not provide refunds for withdrawals during the current month or for forms turned in late.