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Paul began swimming at age 9 with the Wakefield Chapel Wahoos and shortly after began swimming year round with the Starlit Aquatic Club until graduation from high school and swimming briefly for the University of Virginia swim team. Paul also swam for Bishop Ireton High School and has many fond memories of being a member of this team.
Paul has had several coaching positions over the years: Sleepy Hollow Bath & Racquet for 4 summers, assistant coach for Paul VI High School for 2 seasons, Victor Swim Club for 7 years, Country Club of Fairfax for 3 summers, and 2 years with the Potomac Marlins.
Paul swam for the Fairfax and Clark masters programs for a few seasons and now swims, on and off, for fitness. Paul has competed in a few triathlons but does not enjoy the running portions; if there were more biathlons he might compete more regularly.
Paul enjoys helping young people increase their swimming skills so that they have more fun in the water, success at whatever level of competition they choose to compete, and hopefully develop increased self-confidence and discipline along the way. Paul works as a psychotherapist for adolescents, adults and families when not at Machine Swim School.

Paul instructs the following:
  • Mighty Mechanics (6-8)

  • GIZMO 2
  • AGES 6 - 10
    An intermediate class for swimmers able to swim freestyle and backstroke independently with some breath control. Students will be working on effective side breathing, improving backstroke technique, and increasing the amount of consecutive strokes. Children should be able to swim at least 15 strokes of both freestyle and backstroke before entering this class.

  • GIZMO 1
  • AGES 6 - 10
    A beginner level class for swimmers who may or may not yet swim independently. Designed for children learning the fundamentals of swimming. The class will focus on kicking, taking strokes, side breathing, backstroke, and safety skills.

  • AGES 5 - 10
    An advanced class for swimmers able to proficiently swim freestyle and backstroke for an extended amount of time. Students are working on the fundamentals of breaststroke and butterfly while improving technique and stamina of freestyle and backstroke. Swimmers work towards the goal of joining the 100 Stroke Club in freestyle and backstroke.