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About Machine SwimLabs


Machine SwimLabs provides a nurturing, safe, and positive environment for individuals of all ages and levels to further their swimming skills. Professional instructors examine each child or adult's individual needs to ensure they are in the proper program to maximizing their potential.


Established in 2011, and opened November of 2012 in downtown Vienna, Machine SwimLabs' purpose-built facility provides a relaxed, modern, and safe environment for all levels of swimmers. Lessons are conducted in Endless Pools, with swimmers perfecting technique against an adjustable current. This allows for all ability levels to use the pools whether it's leaving the current off for beginning classes, or reaching top speeds in the Elite Tank for competitive swimmers.


All students will have access to technology that provides instant feedback to the swimmer. Each pool is outfitted with a state of the art video capture system to record a 360 degree view of the swimmer. Cameras are hooked up to individual monitors to allow swimmers to instantly review their mechanics.


Machine SwimLabs offers several different types of lessons. Group lessons are available to children ages 1 - 12. Groups are capped at a maximum of four students, and cover everything from the very basics of blowing bubbles to the stroke mechanics of all four competitive strokes.


There are two types of private lessons available as well. Learn to Swim Private Lessons are available for anyone needing an instructor in the water with them. Learn to Swim Private Lessons are recommended for swimmers who have not yet mastered all four strokes. For those with two swimmers of the same level, Learn to Swim Semi-Private Lessons are also available.


Competitive swimmers can take advantage of the SwimLabs Video Analysis; also known as a Competitive Private Lesson. In this type of lesson, a coach will be out of the water providing immediate feedback on improving stroke technique. Coaches will simultaneously be conducting a multimedia presentation that highlights all of the analysis done during the session, that can be taken home to aid during practice.


Machine SwimLabs is excited to add more members to our growing family. We hope to see you soon!


Machine SwimLabs strives to make a positive difference in the lives of its team members by promoting good sportsmanship, biomechanically sound techniques, nutrition, healthy lifestyle, balance, commitment, responsibility, love for the sport of swimming and self respect. We are committed to creating an environment where each individual athlete may realize his or her own potential. We believe that the healthiest motivation for a child is the motivation that comes from within, and we endeavor to draw out each child's natural energy, hope and courage, thereby fueling the pursuit of their dreams.